25 years' experience

helps us to guarantee fast, flexible and high-quality implementations - without experiments.


Our headquarters are in Munich, from where we support our clients.

We also manage our projects in Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, France and Italy from here.


It’s in the mix

Clear heads, hotheads, penny pinchers, excel freaks, design gurus, telephone addicts and calm nerves

Stefanie Haas

Director Strategy

Jörn Lienhöft

Managing Director

Akzente Sandra Noch Projektleitung

Sandra Noch



Everything has to look good! That is our philosophy.

Everything – and we really mean everything makes an impression.

Online database

Trust is good – online control is better!

You will be able to access all photographs and reports on our database conveniently, from everywhere, and arranged in an
orderly manner.